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Creativity, Activity, Service

Creativity, Activity, Service

Creativity, Activity, Service or CAS as it is normally referred to is one of the most important components of the IB curriculum. Here at École Mondiale CAS is not simply part of the curriculum; it’s a way of living the school life. Students are provided with a wide variety of after-school activities that help them to explore avenues of service, get engaged in the process and excel in all that they undertake.


‘Exploring or extending ideas leading to an original or interpretive product or performance’ 

The school provide after-school activities that involve students in various roles and responsibilities to use their creative minds and plan for school events such as the EMUN, the Coffee House, the Battlelaureate, and TEDxÉMWS






‘Physical exertion contributes to a healthy lifestyle’

The annual CAS trips happen in late October each year. The students undertake challenging and exciting physical activities to not only learn some life skill but also develop their personality and leadership qualities. The trips also provide opportunities to perform acts of service or create some delightful art pieces.

CAS Trips:

Prague and Berlin






‘Collaborative and reciprocal engagement with the community in response to an authentic community need’. École Mondiale in collaboration with NGOs provides platforms for the students to get involved with their communities. Listed below are examples of NGO's that we connect with. 

Sol’s Arc Sports Day preparation

Sanskardham Annual day preparations

Angel Express Teaching activities

Sane Guruji Sports activities

Compete to Defeat

Computer lessons to Asha Kiran students

Computer lessons to C.H.I.P

Unheard Voices:

The Unheard voice is an event to spotlight the situation of the communities or strata of society less heard of, such as the transgender community and the Scavengers amidst us. Guest speakers and volunteers from these communities are invited to the school to highlight the situation.

Habitat for Humanity Karjat build project:

Once a year and mostly on a Saturday very early morning, the volunteer students of the DP program go to the nearby town of Karjat to literally get their hand dirty and help build houses for the villagers in the area.