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Admissions open for the academic year 2024-2025                        IB Continuum School

University of Bath

University of Bath


The University of Bath, a prestigious university conducts the widely recognized Program: MA in International Education in different study centres around the world. 

 The 5 units offered by the University are as follows:

  1.     Education in an International Context
  2.     Curriculum Studies
  3.     Assessment
  4.     Understanding Learners and Learning
  5.     Research Methods in Education

Any candidate taking this up may choose one of the following options:

  1.     Complete the 5 units along with the dissertation for the M.A in Education from the University of Bath, UK. On request, the degree could be called the MA in International Education.
  2.    Complete the 5 units without the dissertation for the Diploma in Education
  3.    Complete the 4 units and receive a certificate

The International Baccalaureate (IB), recognizes the completion of any 4 units above as eligibility for the Certificate in IB Teaching and Learning or the IB Educator Certificate. Completing the full MA (5 units and a Dissertation) makes one eligible for the level 2 award or the Advanced Certificate in IB Teaching and Learning. The IB Educator certificates are recognized in IB schools as excellent evidence of professional development in teaching and learning.


At École Mondiale World School, Mumbai these units are offered twice a year. The contact time for each unit is 4 days, after which the candidates are expected to submit a 5000-word essay as an assignment within the next six months. The candidates have access to online resources in addition to the books in the library at École Mondiale to complete their assignments. Please find attached information about the program.

Ms. Kanchan Sethi is the Study Centre Coordinator for the MA in Education Programme. Candidates may also contact Ms. Tracy Fernandes – Admissions Manager regarding the same at the school contact numbers Tel:+91 22 61306130/26237265/66/49 or email id:


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