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Media Centre

School Libraries:

Every curriculum and teaching need the strong support of an effective School Library. École Mondiale World School Libraries are the hub for learning and teaching resources for the entire school community. The Primary and Secondary school libraries play a vital role in enhancing the skills of learners and supporting the needs of professional development of educators to empower lifelong learning.
The library collection and space aims to promote and support the development of transdisciplinary skills, international mindedness, the IB learner profile and conceptionally based learning across the school. 
The library policies are aligned with the International Baccalaureate standards to cater to information literacy needs and provide a better environment for students to create, collaborate and communicate.            

About The Primary Library and Media Centre

Students learn to be an active, compassionate and lifelong learner while they explore the wide range of resources in the library which includes materials 

  • Picture books
  • Junior fiction  
  • Non-Fiction books
  • eBooks
  • CDs & DVDs (educational & recreational)
  • Children's Newspapers
  • Teaching Resource
  • iPads
  • Computers
  • Online research databases

Each class has one library session every week. Library books are borrowed from the Home Reading section for short information literacy or reading development. Our collection of books includes numerous titles from various genres:  graphic novels, comic books, horror, historical fiction, realistic fiction, non-fiction, etc. which promote a lifelong love for reading. The non-fiction titles nurture the curious minds by supporting the research needs of the inquirers. We also have an ever-growing number of books available in various languages which support our Mother-tongue programme. The library also regularly develops its collection to ensure foreign languages support.

The library learning engagements enable students to make connections with their learning in the homeroom. The library follows a Guided Reading Programme developed by Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell that develops the reading levels of the students. Our library is actively involved in the Exhibition process​ with its key role in enforcing research skills and citation skills to ensure academic honesty.

Access Primary Library resources

About the Secondary Library and Media Centre

The Secondary Library is located on the second floor of the school building and carters to the age group of 12 to 18. The MYP and DP Library has a huge collection of 80,000 books, fiction and nonfiction combined together.  The Library supports the school policy of minimum use of paper and it reuses curriculum texts for MYP and DP. At the beginning of every year, students of grade 6 to 12 are issued their curriculum books from the library and return them for next year’s use. Our libraries offer other rich resources such as different magazines, newspapers, audio-video material to support the different subject curriculum. It has networked desktops for students to work and iPads for a class activity. The Secondary Library has a collection of Hindi, French and Spanish curriculum books which support our Mother tongue programme.

The library is open from 8 am to 5 pm and students of grade 6, 7 and 8 have library class once a week. The IB DP students spend their non-class periods studying and researching in the library. The library has a separate section for DP students who want to study in silence and peace. Overall the as École Mondiale World School believes in our libraries are a place where discussions take place and new innovative ideas emerge. The library has two main roles, to promote reading for pleasure and to support teachers and students with research-based learning across the curriculum.

Secondary Library 

Online Access to library resources (Primary and Secondary)

ÉMWS libraries are located at different places in the school building but complete collections of both Primary and Secondary libraries can be viewed through the networked catalogue and Library Management System called Follet Destiny. Students, parents and faculty members through their individual login can access online software to search for books and other resources, read and write book reviews and to help with their research. Follet Destiny, as well as showing which books are in stock, also gives web links which can be accessed directly from the catalogue.

Library Catalogue - click here

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Literacy week at  ÉMWS Libraries

ÉMWS Literacy Week event creates opportunities for students to critically and creatively engage with literature and art forms that define our cultural, socio-economic and political understanding of the world. With a view to imbibe the principles in the IB vision, the festival celebrates artists, speakers, writers for young people, peacebuilders and rights activists in the field of social change. This is an opportunity for students and educators at École Mondiale World School to interact with changemakers about inclusivity, pluralism and diversity through the medium of art, poetry, writing workshops and literature circles.

Secondary Section Literacy week -