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In Rishikesh, the two aspects of CAS that we looked at were service and activity. We were all extremely excited about this trip as it was a chance for us to learn new skills and take up new challenges! 

In terms of activity, we did various activities such as cliff jumping, trekking etc. However, among this one of the most exciting ones was rafting. In rafting, we were divided into groups of eight in which we paddled through thrilling rapids such as the rollercoaster, crossfire and double trouble, with our raft going sideways and even jumping up and down sometimes. At times, we were allowed to jump into the freezing water of the Ganga, even during a few rapids, which was so refreshing! This was an activity that we would never forget, and I am sure that each of us enjoyed it equally!! 

For service, we went to a school in Rishikesh with students of grades 1-5, where we did various activities. We were divided into groups, with each group doing one activity such as painting a learning wall, painting t-shirts with the students and making food for the students etc. At the end of the activities, we also got a chance to talk with the students themselves and we spoke to them about how they should follow their dreams and not let anyone tell them otherwise. This was an amazing experience! Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces after we showed them what we had done for them was priceless!

Overall, this was a trip that none of us would ever forget. I have to say, this was the best school trip we have ever had! The memories we made in Rishikesh were unforgettable!! 

By Rhea Tipnis – Grade 12