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Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Student Support Services

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” - Ignacio Estrada

What is the Learning Support Department?

The Learning Support Department at École comprises of a team of qualified Special Educators who work towards achieving the school’s mission of encouraging students to excel in the skills that empowers them to become independent lifelong learners.

The Learning Support Department supports the school’s policy of promoting inclusive educational practice by collaborating at various levels. The school community is sensitized about the needs of the students, their individual strengths and challenges, and suggest differentiation strategies for students’ learning needs and styles. The LSD also ensures that each student is given equal opportunities to grow holistically. The Team, when required, also collaborates with outside service agencies, and students’ families to ensure a comprehensive approach.

What services does the Learning Support Department offer students to access LSD programs?

The Learning Support Team is dedicated to offering child-centreed academic support with opportunities to optimize the attributes of the learner profile. The Department provides students with skills and strategies as per their Individualised Education Plan (IEP) to accentuate their learning. This is done with a combination of a push-in as well as a pull-out model which helps the students access the curriculum. In addition to the above-mentioned support, special accommodations and authorization from boards are also sought, like a reader, writer, laptop etc. so that the assessment conditions do not put students at a disadvantage.

Confidentiality is our TOP priority!

ÉMWS, as a whole school, emphasizes on students’ right to privacy. The Learning Support Department strives to deliver absolute confidentiality for all the students who avail services from the Department.

Counselling Programme

The philosophy behind the counselling of students at Ecole is that the social and emotional needs of children go hand in hand with the academic needs. In other words, if students are distracted by a social or emotional concern it will be difficult to focus their energy and attention on the academic task at hand in the classroom.

The role of the counsellor is to provide social and emotional counselling to early years, primary, and secondary students. This can be initiated through student request, teacher request, and parental request or via the counsellors’ observations. Clear procedures are implemented to ensure that the communication occurs between appropriate parties. We also ensure that confidentiality is maintained.

We believe in working with parents in partnership in support of all of our students. Parents are welcome to attend sessions facilitated by the counsellor. The content of these sessions vary and aim to help parents discuss methods of respectful discipline, skills for clear, honest communication, concrete strategies to prevent risky behaviour and how to be an encouraging presence in the life of their children.

English Language Acquisition Support

EMWS provides English Language Acquisition ELA support for students who have not reached a level of proficiency that facilitates their success in the core curriculum. In line with the school’s philosophy of language learning, ELA support is primarily provided in class. This allows students opportunities to use language in meaningful contexts while maintaining lesson sequences. Withdrawal support for ELA may be offered in specific circumstances. ELA support continues until a student is proficient. The nature of the assistance will depend on need. In certain instances, parents may be advised to seek additional, outside school support if deemed beneficial for the student. Please note that payment for external instruction is the parents' responsibility.