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University & College Counselling Programme

University & College Counselling Programme

University & College Counselling Programme

École Mondiale World School has an in-house College Counsellor who helps students with preparation for all matters related to the university application process. Under the College Counselling Programme, students and parents are provided proper guidance regarding admissions to universities, and all details connected to the same

Universities Counselling Programme

École Mondiale World School’s College Counselling programme offers students a vast array of resources designed to help them find good matches between themselves and universities. We focus on career development, course selection, and planning for university throughout High School. The counsellors arrange workshops, college fairs and visits from universities around the world with an aim to prepare students for university life from Grades 9 onwards. This preparation is intensified in Grade 11 and 12.

Armed with the well-articulated sense of self, students are prepared to find universities or colleges that are the best fit for them. At École we strongly believe that the key to success is good communication among all parties: students, parents and college counsellor. While outcomes are important, it is the process of self-discovery and university-discovery on which our programme focuses.

The wide range of degree courses followed by our students include but are not restricted to liberal arts, business and finance, economics, engineering, medicine, fashion designing, fine arts, music, film and drama.

A country-wise record of École Mondiale Alumni Admissions is as follows: