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MA in International Education from the University of Bath


MA in International Education from the University of Bath


With a promise to facilitate quality learning, École Mondiale World School brought in another successful unit from the University of Bath’s module on “Curriculum Studies”. The unit, which took place at our 11-year-old study centre from 17th to 20th October 2019, was attended by some educators of École Mondiale World School along with those from other schools. The tutor, Dr. Paul Denley, aided in introducing various curriculum models, which form the basis of teaching and learning in any system. Over the four days, teachers delved into the fundamental principles of curriculum design and content. The sessions were, as always, interactive and insightful. The participants reflected on their teaching methods in context to curriculum design, development and implementation. They left beaming with satisfaction on how they were doing things well and with a new-found confidence on how they could strengthen their own practices.

The next unit “Education in an International Context” is scheduled to be held from 2nd April – 5th April 2020. Educators interested in this unit should contact Ms. Shalini Ghosh or Ms. Tracy Fernandes at the school numbers or email.

This unit, is relevant to teachers of all ages, explores the concept of international education through a consideration of value systems and ideologies, international schools, international curricula, issues relating to students and teachers, and models for international education. It will draw on the experience of participants from both national and international contexts.