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Marathi Divas


Tuesday, 27th February, École was ablaze with vibrant colors and resonating with the rich cultural tapestry of Maharashtra as we celebrated ‘Marathi
Divas’ with immense success. Grades 6-9 came together to showcase various cultural performances that beautifully depicted the essence of Maharashtra’s heritage. Each presentation was a testament to the dedication and passion of the
performers, who skillfully infused their renditions with an authenticity that resonated deeply with the audience.
The event unfolded with breath-taking traditional dances such as Balya Dance and mesmerizing acts such as Aashadhi Ekadashi, a captivating play depicting the life of Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj, and soulful singing that transported the audience to the heart of Maharashtra. The Lavani, with its infectious rhythms and graceful movements, transported us to Maharashtra’s bustling streets and vibrant festivals.
The enthusiastic participation of students showcased their dedication to preserving and promoting the state’s diverse culture.
The celebrations reached new heights as we were honored to host distinguished Maharashtrians as guests. Their presence added authenticity and depth to the event, fostering a stronger connection between the younger generation and their cultural roots.
The auditorium echoed with applause and cheers as each performance unfolded, creating an atmosphere of unity and pride. ‘Marathi Divas’ succeeded in entertaining and educating, as students and attendees alike gained a deeper appreciation for Maharashtra’s rich cultural heritage. The event left an indelible mark on our school community, fostering a sense of inclusivity and cultural pride that will be remembered for a long time.