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Congratulations to Aditya Chatterjee!


Congratulations to Aditya Chatterjee!


Congratulations to Aditya Chatterjee!

Six months was all it took to complete a gruelling and provocative writing process which accumulated in the satisfying publication of Fahorva by Grade 12 student Aditya Chatterjee. Aside from entertainment, the book serves as a commentary on social issues such as the economic divide. While it is purely fictional, many elements were incorporated from researched investigation cases. Check out the blurb below: 

A debonair salesman sells his soul to escape routine and mediocracy. A struggling author wishes for a travesty to fulfill his pages. A terrifying hitman venture away to flee the law and civilization. An investigation falters over the perfect crime of the century.

Fahorva was no stranger to unpleasantness. Yet when the three lives converge within its borders, a new chapter of the solidary town’s dark history unfolds within the confines of the sprawling desert.

Fahorva will soon be available in the Secondary Library for students and faculty to check out, but you can get yourselves a copy early on Amazon and Kindle.