When I arrived in Ecole in 2011, I had plenty of ideas that needed a forum to activate; similarly, I needed to be in a place that could empower my initiatives and encourage me to be a part of more projects, and, as a result, to enrich my expertise as a professional, and my horizons as a person. Some of the best teaching practices of my career have occurred at Ecole, where I have had the support to experience teaching and learning on a bigger scale as my intentions to publish were tactfully fostered and taken care of. In my third year, I describe Ecole as a place where the word ‘possibilities’ is in the air for anyone who wants  to discover, construct, co-construct and collaborate. I have been lucky to experience growth and self-improvement  as a whole, as  I am allowed to explore and learn; and as I am granted the freedom to discover teaching possibilities beyond the common frontiers. I honestly believe Ecole will be a turning point in my life for the institution has truly allowed me to fulfill my desired as a teacher and as a person.

Rafael Angel Head of language B, since 2011