My father believes that the person I have become is in the main due to my schooling at Ecole Mondiale. I credit that solely to the teachers and environment at Ecole.I grew with Ecole, I’ve seen the school go from strength to strength and me with it, and its been a journey that has given me so many things: clarity, aspiration, wisdom and support. Ecole isn’t just a school, it isn’t just my second home, its an institution that is profoundly dedicated to the sole purpose of encouraging students to achieve. In Ecole, we learn and thrive and excel through experiences that make us independent. I have been raised by Ecole almost as much as I have been raised by my parents, and my experiences with Ecole have molded me into a person that my parents and I am extremely proud of, moreover because it has paved for me a path that I know will take me places, and it has given me the confidence to take every step towards it.

Janhvi Kapoor Class of 2015