The Ecole philosophy,right from the Principal to the teachers, is to always encourage the student to develop an individual interest and curiosity for the subjects that we choose to study, instead of merely obsessing with a marks scheme. It is the inculcation of this knowledge-based approach towards education that provides the groundwork to build an independent thought process.
At Imperial College right from the beginning, I was required to expand my interest and read beyond what is done in the lectures. The attitude developed at Ecole made this adjustment less challenging than it could have been otherwise. It is the confidence and the latitude of experiences at Ecole that has and will continue to directly or implicitly influence my future.The seeds of our expectations of ourselves are sown during our school life. I am confident that Ecole provides the platform that will help us blossom in the multitude of directions that we choose for ourselves.

Anshumaan Maheshwari Class of May 2012. Imperial College, University of London, Class of 2015