We have 3 kids, two already graduated from Ecole and in college and third one in MYP.  In essence, I have seen the entire school program from PYP through MYP to IB  in the last 7 years. Thanks to the school, its teachers and the rigorous IB curriculum that my kids have turned out to be independent thinkers with the older ones studying in one of the top Universities in the US. The key thing I liked is that the academics are complemented with sports and social skills with a sensitive ear towards the less fortunate ones in our society, for example – my kids have done well in IB exams, while representing the school abroad in Basketball and Model United Nations, and helping the kids in a local school for the deaf and dumb.

Mr. and Mrs. Pandey. Pragya, Class of 2010, NYU Class of 2014.Vivake, Class of 2013, NYU Class of 2017. Avantica, Grade 6, 2006