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NASA Trip 2019


2019 batch of Grade 9 students @ NASA, National Aeronautics & Space Administration, John F. Kennedy Space Center, USA
The NASA trip 2019 was an amalgamation of new independent experiences, challenges, learning and fun. We enjoyed a variety of simulations as well as gained knowledge on the upcoming missions. This place would definitely guide the aspiring astronauts, and train them at a young age.
Programmes we attended:

  • Salute to Science
  • Astronaut Training Experience
  • Lunch with an Astronaut
  • Home of Atlantis exhibit
  • Race to the Moon - Saturn V exhibit - 50th Anniversary of Apollo 9
  • Journey to Mars - Explorer Wanted
  • IMAX
  • Mission status briefing and astronaut encounter
  • Science on a sphere
  • A personalised session with the astronaut
  • Students of Grade 9