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TEDxEMWS and 'Unheard Voices' Fund-Raiser


As part of our fundraising initiatives for the annual events 'TEDxEMWS' and 'Unheard Voices', the organizing committees of the two events collaborated to put together a Diwali sale on the 22nd and 23rd of October. In addition to an array of Diwali decorations, we also had school sweatshirts and a variety of snacks for sale.  The purpose of these stalls was threefold: firstly, of course, to help us organize our respective events to the best of our potential, but additionally to encourage a festive spirit with the Diwali items and bolster the school spirit with the sweatshirts. Lastly, we also used it as a medium of spreading awareness about the two events we're organizing, both of which aim to shed light on important topics and spread hope in our society.  While it was extremely rewarding to see our hard work pay off, it was also quite a learning experience. We realized that it was minor things like our pricing strategy and the way we interacted with our 'customers' that made the biggest difference, and through it all it was essential to remain organized and proactive. This was something we struggled with at the beginning, but by the second day we managed to coordinate the various elements efficiently, and our efforts started to bear fruit. Please keep an ear out regarding our events in the future.