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MYP student of the Year

BY: Ecole Mondiale World School

Recipient of MYP Student of the year- Chayn Kohli


Ever since my first introduction to MYP right back in 6th grade I remember being introduced to the 'Student of the Year' award one receives in 10th grade. Since that day I decided and knew I would work with sheer determination in order receive the prestigious award, 'MYP Student of the Year'. Receiving the award was the most surreal moment and feeling of accomplishment. This award was a pure result of every teacher that has taught me ever, their hard work and, the effort and hours they invested making me the student I am. Their contribution in my life and endless hours of help made me worthy of the award. Every student a part of École Mondiale community encouraged me through the years to undertake challenges with a smile as well. The encouragement and endless support of my peers and teachers is the real reason being me receiving the award. I would dedicate my award to the entire faculty who made me who I           am - without who there’s no me.


Recipient of MYP Student of the year- Ruchee Ajwani


I remember my first day in MYP just as clearly as the last:everything felt new, exciting, even slightly intimidating. What I didn't know back then was that the next five years would shape my identity not only as a student, but also as a person. Every task         challenged me to become more independent, diligent, and hardworking, and living up to those expectations has always been gratifying. 


When I received the MYP Student of the Year award, I was proud, sure, but there was more to it than that. It was humbling to see how my entire MYP journey led up to that very moment. And more importantly, how every teacher, every lesson, and every MYP trip in one way or another has contributed towards making me the student I am today. 'Student of the year' is so much more than an academic award,  it's a celebration of the middle years journey!


If there was one thing I could say to everyone who will trace my footsteps in the coming years, it would be this: Things may seem challenging or out of your comfort zone sometimes, but when you look back at the whole experience, it'll always be worth it. To me, my award is a reminder of exactly that.