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Admissions open for the academic year 2020-2021                        IB Continuum School

College Counselling News Corner 


This week’s university acceptance highlight is Grade 12 student Jaivir Singh. Jaivir applied for an Early Decision application cycle to Bryant University, USA and got accepted into the Marketing and Digital Marketing undergraduate program at the university for Fall 2020 entry.

In the words of Jaivir:

‘Being accepted into Bryant University is like a dream come true. I wish to study Marketing and Digital marketing there. I feel that École Mondiale World School has taken all the necessary steps to prepare me for University. The school counselor did a very good job in picking a university that is a good fit for me and will help me thrive. I have chosen to study this course because I have always been interested in this field and it is something that interests me. I feel that the application process was very time consuming and combined with the work pressure that comes with IB I feel that it is really important to manage your time. You will need time to work on your application as well as meet IB deadlines and submissions. But after all your work is done, you will fly high.’