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What is International Mindedness in Education? Why is it Important for the Future?


What is International Mindedness in Education? Why is it Important for the Future?


Education is treated as a top priority in every country. After all, education and the economic prosperity of a nation are linked to one another. Education defines a nation’s culture from one generation to another. Since governments all over the world are slowly beginning to realize this, the importance given to quality education is steadily increasing.

Some educational institutions are adopting something called ‘international mindedness’. So, what exactly is it? For the uninitiated, international mindedness is a concept used within the International Baccalaureate (IB) programming model. What it means is understanding, respecting and valuing different cultures. It helps students embrace diversity and realize that different perspectives have a great deal to offer. International mindedness helps promote respect and encourages collaboration. Its students develop high levels of empathy and compassion.

Globalization has led to increased population mobility. Today, countries across the world are melting pots of numerous diverse cultures and sub cultures. Since children are growing up in an increasingly interconnected world, they need to be able to communicate and collaborate effectively and sensitively with people from different regions and religions. International mindedness enables students to explore new countries and cultures from within their classrooms.

So, why is it so important for the future?

  1. International mindedness inspires students to be inquisitive and think before they act

Students who are trained in international mindedness are encouraged to ask lots of questions. They are required to make responsible choices and help others whenever they can so as to understand other perspectives. 

  1. International mindedness teaches students to be clear and confident communicators

Life throws several curveballs, some of which can be easily dodged through effective communication. Students under this learning module can effectively communicate in more than one language. They are taught to be active listeners and respectful towards others.

  1. International mindedness encourages students to feel proud of who they are

International mindedness teaches students to be independent and capable. They are shown the importance of making honest and fair choices. These students respect and care about other people as well as the environment.

  1. International mindedness exposes students to new cultures and experiences

One of the main objectives of this learning module is to train students to be open minded. They are taught to be aware of their similarities and differences with others and to respect both. Learning different things in multiple ways broadens their perspective further. International mindedness encourages students to try new things with a positive attitude and take the chance to be wrong sometimes.

  1. International mindedness urges students to reflect on how they can improve

Under this learning module, students assess their work and analyze where their strengths and weaknesses lie. They understand the importance of a work-life balance and taught early on how to achieve it in their later life.

Today, the economical, ecological and political global situation is such that we can no longer continue to think just for ourselves, our family or our country. As a learning module, international mindedness understands this and therefore encourages students to take steps that will make this world a better place to live for themselves and for the generations to come!