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Speech & Debate


Speech & Debate (Aaditya  Sengupta Dhar-Grade 8)

I have been involved in debating over the last year through Speech Debate India and in December had the opportunity to participate in the Crypto World Cup Debate, which featured teams from around the world debating the motion that ‘The US Federal  Government should increase regulations on cryptocurrency’. It was a great learning experience for me, as before this, I had only very basic knowledge of cryptocurrency, and I got to learn many aspects of the impacts it has, and how governments are viewing it.

My teammate was a student from UWC, Singapore and we competed against teams from around the world, including many from the US. I was very excited that we won 1st place in the Middle School division, being the only team to win all four rounds, and this afternoon, I got my certificate and thought I’d share with you. I’m really enjoying learning more about debating and have a few more tournaments  coming up in January and February which I’m preparing for.