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It is one thing to live for others but it is quite another to die for others!!


It is one thing to live for others but it is quite another to die for others!!


On the 22nd of May 2019, I invited the Pulwama attack widows from Maharashtra to my home. We could have catered to them at a restaurant or banquet hall as well but the intention was to make them feel welcome, both in our heart and our home. Their family is incomplete to ensure that our families stay complete!!

Many dignitaries including notable actors and major producers in the TV industry graced the occasion and joined my family in offering them condolences, prayers and respect to the widows, children and other family members of the martyrs. This event is not the end of what we plan to do. In fact, these families have been adopted by some of our families, hence we will continue planning events to keep them involved and appreciated.

The intention was not just to extend the condolences but also to make the family members of the martyrs feel that they are an integral part of our life and our society. It was such an honor and privilege to be in their presence and hear their first-hand experiences of dealing with loss and courageously braving their loss.

Modest acknowledgments were made to encourage the families to take forward and build their life with honor, peace dignity and success. I also raised funds to support these families but it is “minuscule compared to their noble sacrifice”. The families of the soldiers are as important as the soldiers themselves as they support the solider while he is at war, praying for his wellbeing and constantly worrying for their safety. The loss they have suffered is something we cannot even relate to and hence we can only try to make them smile, stand by them to help reduce the pain slowly over time.

It was an extremely successful event as others from the industry joined to promote the cause as well and help influence people to join this cause too by making generous contributions. It was extremely honorable to get to meet these families and learn as much as I have from them. If we all make even the slightest change in our own way as humans, we all would lead a better life as a country.

Chayn S Kohli
Grade 10