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How we integrate technology into our school curriculum: An Ecole Mondiale advantage


How we integrate technology into our school curriculum: An Ecole Mondiale advantage


We exist in a fast-paced digital world where almost everything is now ‘online’. Gone are the days when we would need to sit in libraries for hours, meticulously researching for a project. All we need to do now is log in to the internet and we have a veritable minefield of information at our fingertips. Having said that, we know that as parents you worry about the misuse of technology by your children. We completely understand where your fears come from, but we are here to tell you that with correct monitoring and direction, technological integration can help your children glean immense knowledge. While technology is not the soul of education, we would like to think of it as its right-hand. Without it, your child is missing an important component to a bright future. 

Why we integrate technology into our school curriculum:

Our goal is very direct; we aim at providing a seamless platform for the mental and academic growth of our students.

At Ecole Mondiale, we introduce the right balance of applications and websites on computers, smartphones, and social media to enhance the productivity of our students.

The use of technology in our syllabus positively affects students, parents, and teachers:

  1. Parents and students can obtain up-to-date information as stated by our management.
  2. Teachers can track the progress of each student by collecting past data, which will help them formulate specific goals and methods for each student’s progress.
  3. Social media platforms give the parents, teachers, and students a medium to express thoughts and ideas with like-minded individuals. This needs to be done with strict supervision of the students, of course.
  4. Plagiarism can be pointed out so that the students are encouraged to submit original ideas and assessments.
  5. The students can be coached into practicing presentations and report submissions, which will help them with their chosen careers in the future.

How we integrate technology into our school curriculum:

1- We Integrate web and application-based technology with projects and assignments.

When we create projects for the students to submit, we ensure that each topic utilises the Internet in terms of research and presentation. We make sure to assess the submissions with respect to the depth of the research conducted by each student and also how the same has been displayed. 

2- We make learning fun for our students.

Games that involve simulation, quizzing, memory and spatial coordination are often included through our game-based learning agenda. Each game has its own set of advantages for your child’s growth, and what better way to engage them in productive activities than merging our goal with their interests like interactive applications smartphones and tablets.

3- Making use of the virtual advantage.

One important advantage of technology integration is access to the virtual world. While it may not be feasible to take all our students for educational or inspiration trips globally, the use of virtual field trips has given us the chance give them the right exposure to various cultures, diversities and even corporate experiences (like a virtual tour of the Facebook headquarters).

4- We encourage the creation of multimedia like videos and Podcasts.

Our goal is to provide holistic learning for our students, thus, without just focusing on increasing their knowledge, we encourage them to become creators and innovators. We design individual or team-based projects that involve the creation, editing, and promotion of concepts through videos and podcasts, which not only cultivate organisation and digital literacy but also fosters a sense of creativity in our students.

5- We promote the right usage of Social media.

At Ecole Mondiale, we believe that we need to connect with our students, which can only be possible if we understand them. We promote a transparent system where students can express their thoughts openly with their teachers and classmates. This feedback helps us take action or improve our systems better. We also encourage the monitored interaction of students on global student networks or forums, since this will help broaden their chain of thoughts.

While it is important to include technology in our curriculum, we believe it is as important for parents and teachers to monitor the usage, so that the usage is purely beneficial for the child’s improvement. If you have any ideas or queries about this, please feel free to get in touch with us (add contact email/number link here).

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