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How playing a sport can help with a child's all-round development


How playing a sport can help with a child's all-round development


It is common knowledge that a healthy body aids a healthy mind but what is less talked about is that a healthy body and mind leads to a happy and confident child.

We, at Ecole Mondiale are of the firm belief that it takes more than just academics to raise intelligent and active students. Our learning model is based around a holistic approach to child development and growth where we give equal credence to sports and outdoor extra curriculars along with academic teaching.

Playing a sport can help your child in various ways, and is also known to positively impact your child’s academic performance. Here a few research-based benefits of encouraging your children to play a sport of their choice.

1- Brain health is directly proportional to playing a sport. Kids who spend time playing football, basketball, practicing swimming or running daily have proven to have significantly improved cognitive-thinking, hand-eye coordination, attention spans, and memory power.

2- Playing a sport encourages your child to work and communicate in a team. Thus, not only making them more confident but also giving their communication skills an edge. We think communication is an extremely essential life-skill, which can be greatly nurtured through physical activity.

3- One obvious but important benefit of playing a sport is that your children will sweat. Coming home after a good play session that gets them perspiring and muddy is the best way to not only burn extra energy and release toxins from their body, but also boost their overall state of mind. A portion of the day spent playing outdoors will ensure that your child sleeps soundly at night and wake up fresh in the morning. 

4- Running, jumping, scoring, skating- whatever your child’s pick maybe, it will help them breathe better and deeper, hence, enhancing stamina. Fast paced activities are also extremely beneficial for their developing cardiovascular and skeletal systems. 

5- Any sport that a child plays requires them to think fast, think strategically, take quick decisions and feel responsible. Your child will cultivate greatly magnified mental development, promptness, and alertness through the long-term playing of a sport.

6- Another pointedly obvious fact is that playing will toughen them up. They will fall and get hurt but they will realize that all injuries heal. Your child will zealously develop a fighting spirit mentally, and this toughening-up will also play a role in strengthening your child’s immune system.

7- Playing a sport prepares your child for some levels of reality. In the span of their childhood, they are bound to lose or get defeated a few times. This is where you come in and nurture your child’s confidence to move on and try harder. Accepting defeat is an important factor in your child’s development as it plays an important role in their communication skills.

Our goal is to provide a balanced over-all growth for your child, and it is only when sports and academics are combined that your child truly grows and explores their personality to the fullest. An all-rounded approach towards learning at Ecole Mondiale enables us to actively involve our students in physical activities along with academic modules, leading them into brighter tomorrows.

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