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Here's Why We Teach Coding To Kids


We are currently living in a world that is becoming increasingly dependent on technology with each passing day. From your televisions to your washing machines, from banking to ordering food, programming code has become an indelible aspect of our life. Think of it this way, we teach multiplication tables in schools because children need to make quick calculations. Similarly, in a world where programming is omnipresent, coding gives a child the tools to deal with it.

English schools introduced programming in their curriculum in 2014 for children over the age of 5. Australia followed suit in 2015 and added coding to their digital technologies curriculum for children aged 7 and above. In fact, has prepared almost 500,000 new teachers to help prepare children learn computer science for K-12 students in the US.

Professionals and leaders of industry are united in their refrain that jobs in the occupations related to advanced technology and computing are growing at a faster rate than we are able to train people. Here are a few reasons why we, at École Mondiale, ensure that our students learn coding:

Learning Computational Thinking: Coding helps teach students cognitive skills and step-by-step problem solving abilities. The process of coding involves the use of abstractions and pattern recognition. These are then used to understand the problem from different perspectives. It is followed by organizing and analyzing the data before breaking it down into smaller tasks and identifying the steps required to solve the problem. This is a way of thinking that can be applied to all sorts of problems one faces in their lives, and not just programming.

Exercises Creativity: Coding is all about creativity. It is a means of giving the child tools to develop their cognitive skills so as to recognize, deal with and resolve, the problems they face. Kids love technology and to give them a means to tinker with it only sparks off their imagination. With the help of coding they learn to improvise and deal with situations with limited resources. Many great coders started at the age of 5 or 6, and if your child enjoys working with code, they are definitely hooked to it for life.

Improves Academic Performance: Coding has been known to enhance a student’s performance in different academic areas as well. With its focus on mathematics, creativity, concise expression and confidence, excelling in these factors inevitably spills over to other areas of academics.

Competitive Advantage: Coding is one of the most in-demand sectors in the world today. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that they hire however many talented engineers as they can find, simply because there is such a dearth of them. It is a hot skill that can not only give students a great edge in learning at school but also during college interviews and jobs.

A Better Understanding of the World: In a world that is based on programming, a coder is god, it is as simple as that. When students understand how the internet, their laptops, and various other technology works gives them a more sound understanding of the world. It helps them get answers what others only see as a mystery, or simply take for granted.

Improves Communication: Coding is a great way to teach young students how to explain complex ideas in a simple format. Communication is an essential tool for children, and when they learn how to communicate with computers, a most simple-minded audience, it becomes that much easier for them to communicate with everyone else.

These and many other factors benefiting students encouraged us, at Ecole Mondiale, to incorporate HTML5, CSS and Java script coding in the middle year program. We also have Core Java training for the diploma program. Our endeavour is always to provide the best possible learning opportunities to our students. With coding too, we are doing just that.

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