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Here’s How iPads are Changing the Learning Environment


Here’s How iPads are Changing the Learning Environment


Education has seen a sea change thanks to the rapidly changing technology. iPads and other mobile devices have changed the way students learn and have made the learning environment that much more conducive. It is important to understand that this form of technology is crucial in getting the students to get more involved with learning. It is not only important from the perspective that they are inhabiting a highly technologically enabled world, but also as a means for supporting their learning.

While there may be generous reports on the importance of technology in learning, there are still some out there that have mixed feelings about it. Like it or not, students have already started adapting and using technology, despite what schools and educationists might believe. This makes it ever more imperative that teaching mechanisms catch up with this wave of technology enabled learning.

Here are some ways that iPads can totally change the learning environment:

Engages Students

Technology has always been something that excites students and actively engrosses them in the process of learning. Children, as is not surprising, are far more eager to adopt new technologies. The iPad offers students a variety of ways to learn. A student can identify a learning method that is best suited to their style without having to conform to just one method. Moreover, this piece of technology is not only a means of engaging in the classroom, but also serves as a means to share learning and aids teamwork among students.

Aids Collaboration

Having an iPad enabled classroom means that your students are more connected with each other. It helps the weaker students seek help and the stronger students to provide said help. Over and above that, when it is time to do team projects, the iPad is always the go-to machine to help the students research and collaborate. It not only helps them connect in real life, but virtually as well when they are not in the same location.

Bespoke Learning Solutions

Not every child can learn in the same way as everyone else. This has often been one of the biggest drawbacks of classrooms in the past, something that technology has managed to address wonderfully. There are a number of learning methodologies that are made available thanks to a technology like iPads. It allows the students to learn at their own pace and personalize lessons to better suit their abilities.

Organizing Schoolwork

One of the biggest problems a child has to face is having to keep track of the many notebooks and textbooks that they need to carry. The iPad eases out this issue by not only having all the textbooks available easily, but also helps the students organize their study materials and homework with ease. The machine has a range of apps that helps the students just that which not only helps them stay abreast of the progress but also helps keep the teachers and parents updated.

Develops a Research Oriented Mentality

There is a significant change in how learning is meted out these days. From the time when students were pushed to memorize answers, today, they are expected to find the solutions. With so much material and methodologies available online it becomes easier than ever for students to research. This helps them not only develop a research oriented mentality but also gets them used to the technology which allows them to do so.

A Flipped Classroom

The flipped classroom is a concept that means the inverts the learning process. It takes the teaching outside of the classroom and brings the homework into it. While the teacher still remains the main source of information and learning, it helps the students by ensuring they adapt to a style of learning that best suits them. The iPad is the best means for this.

Surveys conducted by Open College show that 86% of students believe iPads help them learn more efficiently. The research also stated that 81% of the teachers feel that tablets can enhance classroom experience. iPads are the future, and using technology to enhance the learning experience is of benefit to the students, teachers and parents alike.

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