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Helping Students Make the Most of the Holiday Season


Helping Students Make the Most of the Holiday Season


With the holiday season nigh, it becomes a task for parents to find ways to make the upcoming vacations most productive for their children. While vacations may be a time to relax and have fun, it does not mean that learning has to stop. In fact, there are many ways that vacations can be more of a learning for young students than ever before.

Here are some ways that you can ensure that your children are making the most of their holidays by combining learning with having fun:

Learning a Language

Learning a new language canbe a lot of fun for young students, especially when it is done in the company of peers. There are a number of online courses that can help a child learn a new language ranging from French to Spanish. It is always a good idea for the parent to accompany the child in learning the language. There are a number of YouTube videos that can help a student better their language skills.

Get them Reading

Reading almost feels like a lost habit these days. Reading not only exercises the student’s imagination but also leads to greater creativity and empathy. It is a wonderful way to pick up better vocabulary and to challenge your own imagination. There is nothing better than a book when it comes to helping a child better understand the world around him or her. Try and identify which genres most interest the child and help them explore other areas of reading as well. if you are dealing with someone who does not read at all, it is a good start to have them cracking open books at all.

Learn a New Sport

Sports are not only a great way to maintain the physical conditioning of an individual, but also help in creating a well-rounded individual. Taking up team sports can not only help the student learn the crucial aspect of working in teams but also makes sure that they are not whiling away time in front of a screen. Organised sports are a great way to help a student blow off some steam while also learning new, important life lessons.

Get a Job

While this is not something encouraged too much in Indian society, it is definitely not a bad idea for the student to get a part time job. Something as simple as washing cars, or delivering newspapers in your apartment block could be a good start, depending on the age of the student. The idea of doing a job is simple, it teaches the student responsibility and helps them learn about the value of money. The best thing would be to identify a particular passion of the student and help them get a job in the same field. This will not only hold their interest but also make sure that they are learning the essential lessons that come with holding down a job.


One of the most important things for a student of today is to cultivate a sense of empathy and to give back to the society. Volunteering helps the most in inculcating these feelings. Simple things like cleaning up a nearby plot of land of all the garbage dumped on it, volunteering to help clean up a beach, or even helping teach at a government school, can help the student greatly. The idea of volunteering is to understand how helping others is not only a good feeling but also a great way to learn new things.

There are a number of ways that a student can make his or her holidays a learning experience. The best way to do so is to sit down with the student and make a plan for the holidays to identify things that they enjoy and to pinpoint aspects that they would want to explore. It is this that will ensure the student has a highly productive holiday.

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