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Grade 10 S.M.A.R.T Goals Report

BY: Ecole Mondiale World School

Grade 10 are at a crucial phase of our lives, where we need to make informed choices for a better future. Hence, to make this journey a little easier, a pastoral session was conducted to make us mindful with respect to goal setting. 

The interactive session helped us to comprehend the significance of setting ‘S.M.A.R.T’ goals. The icebreaker activity was for the participants to think about what they want in life and write it down. The purpose of writing down the “wants” makes it become more reachable and easy to accomplish. We listened to Laura Wilkinson, the 2000 Olympic gold winner stressing the importance of setting goals. 

Lastly, we participated in a group activity called ‘Making the Basket.’ Each group member got three attempts to throw a ball into the basket to achieve an overall target of 75%. We were allowed to decide upon various strategies to achieve our goal. From this, we realized that things may not be as simple as they appear to be. Unsuccessful attempts led to deep thinking and more focus on the target. Standing strong to encourage our peers also worked. There are many pathways to success and we should plan for them!