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Admissions open for the academic year 2022-2023                        IB Continuum School



We are proud to announce that Ecole Mondiale World School’s official magazine, Ecolessence, is back for its May 2021 issue. Inspired by the United Nations’ official goals released for the year 2021, the theme that we have decided upon is ‘Promoting Peace and Trust through Pragmatic Dialogue.' Following the submission pattern of the last issue, we will be accepting submissions for any piece of work, from artwork and photography to write-ups and videos. Once again, we are not restricting the type of text that we can receive, so let your creative abilities flow. To make a submission, first kindly fill out the details in the linked Google Form and then attach your work in an email to We look forward to receiving some awe-inspiring work,  raising the bar even higher than our previous issue! For queries, do not hesitate to email us.