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5 ways to make school mornings chaos-free


5 ways to make school mornings chaos-free


The way you start your day defines the rest of it.

A pleasant and peaceful morning often results in a more productive day, as compared to a chaotic one that feels rushed and unsettling. Now, think about how this can impact a young impressionable child if a rough start has the power to influence even an adult mind. 

Having said that, we do understand that school mornings can get hectic. Irrespective of the fact whether both parents are working or not- from the time that your child wakes up to the time he or she leaves for school entails a lot of bustling activity. So here are a few pointers that have been designed by parents themselves to enable time-efficient and peaceful mornings for their young-ones and themselves. 

1- Start your day with a smile:

It may seem like an extremely small gesture but positive and gentle mornings have proven to be a much more effective wake-up strategy with your kids. Instead of starting your day yelling at your child at the last moment because you’re running late or you’re panicking due to the commotion in your mind, try setting an alarm 15 minutes prior to your usual wake up time, and wake your child up in a comforting and soothing manner. This will not only allow your child to wake up in a warm environment but also give them a chance to sleep for 5 more minutes if they must. By doing this, your kids are up and about according to schedule, and with a big smile on their face.

2- Make time the night before:

This particular step makes a huge difference in avoiding hectic mornings. Set aside 20 minutes every night to put out your child’s uniform and pack his/her tiffin. If they are old enough, make them arrange their uniforms, pack their bags and polish their shoes before they go to bed. For your part, instead of leaving the tight morning schedule to check their remarks and homework, do it in the night so that you can avoid any negativity and commotion in the morning.

3- Utilise the weekend:

While weekends are for fun and some ‘me-time’, find an hour or so to sit with your child/children, and discuss the coming school week. Go over their pending assignments or weekend homework, and set a weekly subject-schedule for them to follow. Talk to them about what they would like to eat in their tiffins or as snacks, and plan your grocery list around it. You could come up with a ‘tiffin-timetable’ as well, so your child looks forward to some deliciousness during break-time. You can also prep for snacks on the weekend - grind some delicious peanut butter, get a jar of Nutella, some organic fruit preserve and some nuts- there you go- a nutritious and fun meal for your kid, and a hassle-free meal prep for you.

4- Meal prep:

While this concept is fairly new in India, where fresh meals are always a boon, you can cut yourself some slack by opting for a healthy way out. Chose Overnight-oats instead of Poha. Overnight-oats can be made the night before in various exciting flavours, ensuring that your child isn’t bored of eating it, and it is also a lot more nutritious than rice flakes. You can also create smoothie bags every Sunday, which means creating potions of cut fruits, vegetables and nuts frozen in ziplock bags that can directly be added in the mixer, with your choice of milk and/or yogurt- to whip up a wholesome 5-minute breakfast smoothie each morning.

5- Treat your child like an adult:

The one thing your child will appreciate the most will be the fact that you take him or her seriously. Create a weekly task-list and discuss with them why it’s important to follow it. Make them feel “grown-up” and important while discussing these tasks, this will give them a sense of responsibility, in turn encouraging them to adhere to rules better during the week.

*Bonus: A weekend treat as an incentive to a perfect week never hurt anyone ☺

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