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École Students - Learning @ Home


Maurya Ghelani: Biology and Geography Grade 12 “The entire experience of online learning has been something that I have been very comfortable with, Although I do miss school. Learning online has enabled me to become more responsible and organized since it has enabled me to be more academically honest and complete all of the tasks in the stipulated time period. For geography, we were assigned a paper 2 essay which we had to type and submit in 40 minutes, the practice that our geography teacher gave is very much helpful for preparation for our mocks. Through this, we will also receive feedback for the essay and will be graded through formative tasks. We were also instructed to practice full length papers and send them to my teacher for feedback. This really helped us develop skills for all three of our papers and essay writing skills. As for biology, we continued learning the higher level syllabus through various skype sessions throughout the week. The interactive online sessions would include our teacher continuing to teach us the syllabus with interactive video links, online presentations, animations, quizzes and discussions with our teacher and peers which help us understand difficult concepts, we are currently working through the Photosynthesis, Cellular respiration, and Metabolism. We have also started to practice full-length papers and ask our doubts through the skype sessions. Even though this is our last topic, it is the hardest one in our syllabus and the online skype interactions facilitated our understanding and aided us to complete the biology syllabus on time and in an effective manner.”