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The STUCO went to Empower Activity Camp for their leadership camp. This trip was supposed to help us become better leaders and develop leadership qualities. The day after reaching the camp, we had our first session with our instructor. We then laid out some essential agreements. We talked about our expectations for the camp to our camp leader and established some rules - the time that we would wake up, by what time we had to be in our tents quietly, etc.

Overall, this trip helped us develop a mutual understanding for each other as a team, and help us work together more efficiently. We also learnt that perseverance was an important quality in order to succeed, that hard work always pays off, that strategizing made tasks much easier to complete, and that to work as a team, we had to set our differences aside and focus on the goal at hand.

We learnt that together, we are powerful and have so much to offer as individuals.

Saumya Sharma (Grade 7 B)