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Compete To Defeat Team - Fundraise Events

A special mention must go out for the following students:

· Grade 8 students Pranjal Jagwani, Ishika Mansingani, Dhruvika Ubrani, Anushi Gundecha and Vismya Jennis - who  organised a Rice Crispy stall.

· Grade 8 students Aayushi Ghanwat, Bhoomi Gupta, Rainna Pardasani and Syonaa Nair - who organised cupcake and popcorn stalls during the lunch break and after school and raised funds for our event.

· Grade 6 students Renee Jain, Varya Gala,Khushali Shah , Zara Sharma and Shakti Pattanshetty - who organised a bake sale during the lunch break and after school  to raise funds for our event.