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Save Water, Save Earth Campaign

India is one of the many countries that are facing water scarcity today. In Rajasthan and some parts of Gujarat, women have to   cover long distances on foot in order to get a pot of water. In cities like Bangalore, a family has to spend from Rs.15 to Rs..20 to meet their daily water needs. The problem becomes severe during summer months when availability of water decreases again. And yet we are contaminating the water resources with sewage, toxic chemicals and other waste.


With the thought of promoting water conservation and doing their bit for the local community, Aliya Shetty – Oza and Kavya    Salkar, students of Grade 4 organized a poster making competition and free dress day under the theme ‘Save Water, Save Earth.’ It was fascinating to see the students’ creative skills in their amazing artworks and their costumes. The proceeds from the competition will be donated to We applaud the students for this thoughtful initiative!