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The Fun-tastic Trip

The Fun-tastic Trip


This year, we grade 8 visited Kundalika and Lonavala for our MYP trip. Our journey began on Tuesday, when we left for Kundalika, at 7am. We had a fun and enjoyable experience all throughout the trip. Our days, were packed with various activities such as, interacting with local students of a school in Kamath Village, as well as setting up a library for them, as a service initiative. Zip lining was thrilling  and filled with, excitement for everybody, whereas the white water rafting, was very memorable, the big rapids, the sunlight shining on the water and the sweet sound of birds chirping. Working as a team, we paddled through the rifts, and enjoyed the picturesque beauty around us. Not forgetting to mention, we also jumped in and swam in the Kundalika river. Night games, team-building games and activities, were also very engrossing. We also did a trek to the Sarasgad fort. The beautiful experience was easily able to overweigh the heat, and our fatigue. The disco night was the last night of our trip, where all of us danced to the tune of songs, and enjoyed this to our hearts’ content.


In our rooms of Kundalika, we had beetles, tiny insects who were also our companions. During the trip we did things, that we wouldn’t have done, if not for the MYP trip. This includes climbing down a hill to a local school, rafting and swimming in a river, trekking up to a steep fort. Living four days without any gadgets was also not a bad idea afterall. If you have your friends and beloved teachers in your           company, who needs a gadget.


After every trip, we think that it is the best, but without any doubt it keeps getting better every year. Not only did we discover new things but also discovered new people, who we perhaps didn’t interact with in the daily school life. Grade 8 really had a congenial trip, and      without saying all credits for this go to Miss Kuntal, Sir Peter, Miss Radhika, Miss Kasturi and the team of Destino global, who arranged and hosted this wonderful trip. Now, until our next MYP trip, we at least have the option of opening the treasure chest and having a stroll down memory lane…