Career Opportunities


At Ecole Mondiale teaching and learning are of supreme importance. Teaching and learning is the core function of the school with all other services including administration supporting it. Teachers are evaluated and encouraged to build on their strengths on a regular basis. Teaching at Ecole Mondiale offers great opportunities in the field of education.

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(Note :* Indicates that the fields are mandatory) Openings for Academic Year starting July 2018-2019

  • Co- Teacher For Early Years
  • Co- Teacher For Primary Years (Grade 1 To 5)
  • Director Of Activities/ PE Teacher (Soccer & Basketball Specialist)
  • HOD For Spanish -MYP & IB Diploma
  • Homeroom Teacher For EYS- PYP
  • Homeroom Teacher For PYP(Gr 1-5)
  • MYP Coordinator(Preferably Teacher Of Humanities)
  • Primary Home Practitioners(Gr 1-5)
  • Teacher For Design & Technology- MYP & DP
  • Teacher For Economics - MYP & IB Diploma
  • Teacher For English - MYP & IB Diploma
  • Teacher For General Sciences - MYP & IB Diploma
  • Teacher For Geography- MYP & DP
  • Teacher For Humanities - MYP & IB Diploma
  • Teacher For Mathematics- MYP & IB Diploma
  • Teacher For Music - MYP & IB Diploma
  • Teacher For Physical Education- MYP & DP
  • Teacher For Psychology- MYP & DP
  • Teacher For Spanish - MYP & IB Diploma
  • Teacher For Special Needs Specialist- MYP & DP
  • Teacher For Theatre Arts- MYP & DP

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